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A Montessori Object Permanence Box - Balls with a wooden cube inside.
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Wooden Building Block in the Shape of Colored Stones

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Bring your children's imagination to life with these colorful wooden building blocks.

Give your children the ultimate gift of creativity with these Wooden Building Blocks in the Shape of Colored Stones. Designed to stimulate the minds and develop the skills of your little ones, these Montessori blocks provide an educational and playful experience at the same time. Enjoy :

  • Unlimited creativity infinite construction possibilities
  • Fun learning : promotes cognitive development and fine motor skills
  • Superior quality durable, non-toxic materials for optimum safety


Blocks in a variety of colors and shapes for hours of play

Each set includes wooden building blocks at beautiful colors and stone shapes, with 6 different colors and 3 shapes per color. These multi-colored, versatile blocks offer plenty of variety to let your children's imagination run wild, encouraging them to create unique works of art and explore their creative potential.

Inspire Montessori education at home

The Wooden Building Blocks in the Shape of Colored Stones are inspired by Montessori pedagogy, an educational approach that encourages autonomy and learning through experience. With these blocks, your children can explore and discover their environment while developing their creativity and natural curiosity. They'll learn to solve problems, cooperate and share with their siblings or friends, all while having fun.

Don't wait any longer, give your children the gift of fun and stimulating learning with these Wooden Building Blocks in the Shape of Colored Stones. Turn playtime into an unforgettable educational experience ! Add them to your basket now and help your little geniuses blossom.

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