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A stack of different-colored blocks on top of each other.
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Set of Silicone Stacking Containers

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Stimulate your child's ingenuity with our innovative 7 stacking and nesting blocks!

  • Boosts creative imagination
  • Enhances cognitive skills
  • A unique sensory experience


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Inspire your child's ingenuity with 7 different-coloured stacking and nesting blocks.

These 7 different-coloured blocks stacking or nesting game is the perfect way to showcase creative abilities your child's natural development with each use. These blocks are also drilled in the bottom to let water or light through.

  • Enhances imagination: The different ways of stacking allow your child to create new structures every time.
  • Educational and fun : 7 different colors stimulate color and shape recognition
  • Multi-sensorial : The passage of water or light through the blocks offers a unique sensory experience.

Educational and recreational innovation

Aside from the fun of these blocks, they are the perfect frame for thelearning through play. Your child will enjoy exploring the different combinations while reinforcing his or her problem-solving and spatial thinking skills.

Combine learning with fun

Imagine the wonder in your little one's eyes when he discovers the the magic of mixed colors in daylight or under the light of a lamp. What's more, he'll appreciate the rain effect when he plays in the bath.

Get your hands on our fun product now!

Don't miss out on this fabulous opportunity!

Make your child's learning experience adventure The 7 different-coloured stacking and nesting blocks are a great way to give your child a taste of everyday life. Don't delay, your magical moments family activities, it's time to take action and order now!

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