Montessori hand-eye coordination box

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  • Improves coordination and reflexes
  • Stimulates motor skills and cognitive functions
  • Safe wooden structure


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Improve your child's cognitive functions and relfexes with the Hand-Eye Coordination Box

What is a Hand-Eye Coordination Box? It's a wooden box that helps children improve their coordination and reflexes. It can teach them to control their gestures and coordinate their movements.

The Hand-Eye Coordination Box has 3 holes through which to insert a small ball that disappears into the box and pops out the side. There's a ramp to lower the ball to the bottom. Children can then catch it and repeat the operation again and again....and again.

This box boasts some very interesting technical features. It's designed to enhance children's fine motor development and cognitive functions, while working on their reflexes. So your children can have fun while developing their motor skills, coordination and reflexes.

With the Hand-Eye Coordination Box, your children can challenge themselves, learn to manage their mistakes and train themselves to react more quickly. The box is characterized by its sturdiness and stability, and its wooden structure is safe for children.

The Hand-Eye Coordination Box is a fun, lightweight game that allows children to have fun while developing their cognitive and motor skills. Offer your children a product of exceptional quality and guarantee them an interesting experience.

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