Hamburger Stacking Game

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  • Stimulating creativity and artistic flair
  • Improvement of coordination hand-eye
  • Introduction to problem solving


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A new world of creativity with the Hamburger Stacking Game

Spark your child's wild imagination with our Hamburger Stacking Game. This stacking set is not just a simple assembly of shapes, but much more:

  • Stimulating your child's creativity and artistic sense
  • Improvement of coordination eye-hand and fine motor skills
  • Introduction to problem solving in a fun way

Hamburger stacking game

Immerse yourself in the Montessori world with our Hamburger and Sandwich Stacking Game.

Inspired by Montessori pedagogical principles, this colorful wooden barrette set encourages your child to reproduce various models presented on sample cards. Each wooden piece has been carefully designed to be easily handled by small hands, while complying with the strictest safety standards. Each new combination is a victory for your child, boosting their self-confidence and reinforcing their desire to explore and learn.


Give your child the freedom to learn

With this stacking game, your child will discover the incredible feeling of freedom of self-discovery. Your little one can create his own hamburger, without limits or constraints, while developing his spatial understanding and its ability to follow instructions. This Hamburger Stacking Game is more than just a toy, it's an essential development tool for your child. It combines fun and learning in a unique way, highlighting Montessori principles. So don't wait any longer, give your child the gift of playful learning today.


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Hamburger, Sandwich


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