Animal Hand-Eye Coordination Tray

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The Wooden Coordination Tray is the ideal game for children aged 2 to 5 to develop their skills and manual dexterity. Based on Maria Montessori's method, the educational tray offers a variety of activities to teach children to move in space and become more skilful.

âś… Wooden tray to develop manual skills.
âś… Montessori method for learning movement/concentration.
âś… Optimal size, educational illustrations, adaptable to requirements.

This tray is made of wood and features 4 different animals. The tray features a circular hole for each animal, enabling children to develop eye-hand coordination. By sliding and nesting the little animals, children learn to act with precision and foresight, becoming more familiar with movement and improving their concentration.

With its optimal dimensions of 23Ă—18 cm, this wooden tray is easy to transport and store, and what's more it's a highly intuitive game that can be played alone, with friends or with adults. The educational illustrations and bright, durable colors encourage the little ones to have hours of fun. What's more, the board can be adapted to children's needs, since the brightly colored boxes can be placed in a variety of ways and services.

The Wooden Coordination Board is the perfect game to stimulate your child's awareness and help them develop their cognitive and physical skills from an early age. Thanks to its educational qualities, children can learn to think and solve problems in complete safety, while having fun and growing. It is, without doubt, an excellent choice for providing your child with an enriching education and safe, fun entertainment.

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Dimensions 250 Ă— 205 Ă— 50 cm

Four color animals


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