Busy Board Montessori Transportable Natural Wood - 10 Elements


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Give your child a world of stimulation with the "Busy Board with Carrying Handle", a playful and educational marvel.

  • Inspires creativity and imagination,
  • Sharpens manual dexterity,
  • Provides a safe and entertaining learning experience.


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Give the gift of the unequalled "Busy Board with Carrying Handle".

Discover the incredible "Busy Board with Carrying Handle", a new a fun and educational tool for children specially designed for stimulate the imagination and psychomotor skills of your little ones. This occupancy chart includes:

  • An engaging spinner that spins fast,
  • A fun tap to turn to improve manual dexterity,
  • Locks for a secure learning experience.

Our incredible benefits for your child

Isn't it wonderful to see your child learning while having fun? With this table, you'll discover a real jewel featuring a switch for their first electronic discoveries, screws to unscrew to sharpen their precision and a music box to awaken their artistic senses. Our occupancy elements are intelligently created to provide a serene and meaningful learning experience for your love.

Buy your Busy Board today!

Your satisfaction is our priority

We have a lot of respect for the educational work you do for your child. With the carrying handle, our beautiful "Busy Board" can accompany your child on all their adventures while ensuring their safety. It's the perfect choice for stimulating their senses, creativity and problem-solving skills.

Embellish your little one's life with our Busy Board

Don't miss this opportunity a fun and rewarding learning experience for your child. Take an active part in your little one's psychomotor development with our "Busy Board with Carrying Handle".

Buy now! And give your child the power to learn while having fun!

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