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Explore the world of Montessori Tangram: a playful journey for your child

Your little one is a budding explorer, always curious and eager to learn. Find out how Tangram Montessorithis unique wooden toy can transform playtime into a real educational adventure:

  • Stimulates creativity and a sense of logic
  • Awakens the sense of discovery and problem-solving
  • Promotesautonomy and self-confidence

Tangram Montessori: one game, a thousand discoveries

Visit Tangram Montessoriis a simple yet infinitely rich puzzle game. By playing with it, your child learns to combine geometric shapes to create a variety of images, while having fun at the same time. It's one of the ultimate early-learning toy that engages the mind in a playful and constructive way.

With its seven colorful pieces, the Tangram wooden puzzle looks simple at first glance. But in reality, it opens the door to thousands of combinations! Visit a magnificent metaphor for life for our little ones: from simple basics, you can build an infinite number of wonderful things.

The Montessori Tangram is like a book that is written as your child plays. Each figure he creates is a page in his own story, a story that takes shape beneath his wondering fingers. A bird in flight, a welcoming house, a curious cat... He's the master of his own imagination.

An enchanted interlude for parents

But the Montessori Tangram is also a joy for us parents. Seeing our children blossom, their lively, inquisitive minds taking pleasure in solving these little challenges... What pride! What joy! Each successful figure is another step towards autonomy, another step towards self-fulfilment.

With the Montessori Tangram, you're giving your child not only a toy, but also a valuable tool for learning. life lesson. He learns to be patient, to persevere, to look for solutions. And all in the joy of play and the fun of children's toys.

Tangram Montessori is more than a game. It is an invitation to discoveryto the creativityto the reflection. It's an open door to the world and all the possibilities it has to offer.

So, are you ready to embark on this fabulous adventure with your little one? Discover our Montessori Tangram range and let yourself be seduced by the magic of this unique, creative and educational game. Immerse yourself in this world of wooden toys, where every piece, every picture, every combination has its own story to tell. A world where your child's potential can blossom freely and joyfully.

Toys for children: a range for growing up and learning while having fun

Toys are essential for a child's development. With our range of Montessori toys, your child can develop motor skills while having fun. Loose toys like the Montessori Tangram stimulate your child's imagination and creativity. These original toys are designed to arouse children's interest and help them grow in a playful way.

For babies, we also have a specific range of Montessori toys. They have been created to meet the specific needs of toddlers, helping to develop their motor skills and awaken them to the world around them.

Don't miss this opportunity to offer your child a unique and enriching play experience. Choose the Montessori Tangram for your child's enjoyment and development. And because, after all, play is the child's job, and the Montessori Tangram is the ideal tool for accomplishing this job with joy and creativity. Order now and join the large family of satisfied Montessori parents!