Celebrate every stage of your baby's development with our exclusive range of Montessori games 3 months. Designed in natural woodOur toys promote sensory awareness, motor skills and coordination, while boosting your child's self-confidence. Each toy is carefully selected to stimulate Montessori learning, ensuring a rich learning experience for your little one.

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Why choose our Montessori games for babies aged 3 months?

Your child, at this tender age 3 monthsis at the dawn of a sensory exploration.

Our Montessori toys are specially designed to enhance this phase, offering visual stimulation with bright colorsthe permanence of the object with different geometric shapes and hand-eye coordination with objects such as the wooden rattle.

Visit Montessori pedagogy emphasizes independence and self-discovery. Our toys, from wooden rattles to shape puzzles, are designed to encourage this exploration, while promoting sensory development and learning. coordination. Every texture, color and sound is an invitation to discovery.

Quality and safety first and foremost

The safety of your baby is our top priority. That's why all our Montessori toys are made from sustainable wood and natural.

They're hard-wearing, so there are no stock-outs, and they're perfect for your child's curious little hands and mouths. By choosing our toys, you're making a choice that respects the environment and your child's health.

Give your child the best with Montessori games

A Montessori toy is more than just a toy. It's a gift of love, awakening and growth. It stimulates logical thinking, natural curiosity and self-confidence.

By choosing our Montessori games 3 monthsYou're giving your baby an introduction to the world around him, preparing him for each new stage in his life.

Dive into our collection and discover toys that inspire, educate and entertain. Introduce your baby to the world with our Montessori games 3 months.