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Our best Montessori toys and games

Toys and games for every child at every stage of development

Discover the Montessori method

Montessori games for toddlers

Discover the world around them in complete safety

Colorful and attractive toys for babies

For the babies, Montessori toys promote the awakening of the senses and discovery of their environment.

Rattles, the multi-colored play mats, like the catching toys, are specially designed to stimulate the viewe, touch and hearing toddlers.

Building toys and the puzzles Simple wooden toys also allow them to develop their grip and dexterity.

From the first toys to more complex games

For toddlers, the first educational activities, such as Permanence Boxes or more complex with Busy Board Montessori make it possible to develop the fine motor skills, there coordination and the logic.

These natural wooden toys also offer a unique sensory experience that invites the child to explore and manipulate.

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The Montessori method for every day

Montessori games for self-fulfilment

Activities for practical life and discovery of the world

Donning workshops, opening activities or closing activities help children develop their autonomy and self-confidence.

These games also help introduce children to everyday actions and prepare them for life in society.

Montessori Games invite children to observe, touch and experiment. This encourages them to explore their environment and discover the world around them.

Free toys to stimulate creativity and imagination

Creative activities, such as geometric blocks or wooden construction games offer endless play space and allow children to give free rein to their imagination.

These versatile toys are ideal for letting children create their own stories and develop their creativity.

For all children

Toys for all ages

Montessori games are aimed at all children, whatever their age and interests.

A Montessori universe for the child's bedroom

In addition to Montessori games and toys, our online store also offers decorative elements.

Create a Montessori world in the child's bedroom with rugs and puzzles that invite the child to explore, play and learn independently.

Offer them a suitable and stimulating learning and discovery environment.

Educational and fun games for older children

For older children, Montessori games offer a multitude of opportunities to learn while having fun.

Wooden construction games, geometric puzzles and creative activities focused on practical life are ideal for encouraging fine motor skills, coordination and independence.

Educational games, such as abacus and sorting games, promote the development of logical reasoning and mathematical skills.

Suitable for all children

Discover the Montessori method

For a special occasion, a birthday or just for fun

Montessori game gift ideas for all occasions

If you are looking for educational gift ideas for a birthday, a baby shower or as a treat, these toys are a great option.

Thanks to the diversity of activities offered and the quality of the materials used, Montessori games constitute durable, fun gifts suitable for every age.

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By choosing Montessori toys for your child, you offer them the opportunity to grow and learn in an independent and fulfilling way.

So, don't wait any longer and come and discover our wide range of Montessori games and toys for all ages and interests.

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